14 baby products under £ 20 you need to make your life easier – but you didn’t know you existed


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Parents probably assume that they already own each baby produced under the sun – it can certainly seem like this when you try to leave the house.

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But there are plenty of great baby and toddler products out there that moms and dads have probably never heard of before. They may seem weird and wonderful at first glance, but they’re sure to become a must-have, especially since they won’t break the bank.

From portable blackout shades to thermometers and even stroller hand warmers, keep scrolling to see some of the best baby products from Amazon you will wish to know sooner …

Bathing cap

Shower cap, £ 9.99, Amazon


Some children are afraid to wash their hair, with common complaints being, “Shampoo hurts my eyes” and, “I don’t like my face to be wet. Step into this shower cap that’s suitable for toddlers from six months old.


Tomee Tippee Diaper Removal, £ 13.99, Amazon


Diapers are an important part of raising children, so it’s worth investing in a disposal system you can rely on. Tommee Tippee’s Twist and Click unit individually wraps each layer and prevents odor, with a multilayer anti-bacterial film that kills 99% of germs.

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The Gro Company Color Change Thermometer, £ 20, Amazon


How cool is this digital color changing thermometer and night light? It changes color with the temperature of a room and a yellow glow gives you peace of mind, it is a safe temperature for your child to sleep.


Buggy hand warmer, £ 10.59, Amazon


Ditch the gloves with these comfy hand warmers – one less thing to remember to pack when you leave the house.

nasal aspirator

Nasal aspirator, £ 11.99, Amazon


Yes, there is such a thing as a snot sucker – and it’s not as nasty as it sounds. The nasal aspirator helps relieve congestion by placing the nozzle over your baby’s nose and draining any excess mucus. It can also be used on earwax.

car organizer

Seat organizer, £ 12.99, Amazon


Whether you need space to carry baby products or want a place to organize your little one’s toys, this is a must have. In addition, it is waterproof!


Adhesive blackout blind, £ 11.90, Amazon


Sleep is like gold dust for parents! Light is one of the culprits of poor sleep, but this adhesive blackout blind can encourage longer hours in bed, whether you’re at home or away from home.

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toilet pot

Toilet seat, £ 18.99, Amazon


Potty training could be much more exciting with this mini toilet, which comes with its own toilet paper holder.


Stroller clips, £ 6.99, Amazon


Perfect when you feel like you’re carrying all the items you own …


NatureBond Feeder, £ 11.99, Amazon


Soothe your teething toddler with this feeder and teether, which can hold fruits, vegetables and ice cubes. Small holes allow the passage of tiny amounts of solid food to prevent suffocation during the weaning phase.

baby-shopping cart

Baby Cart Organizer, £ 5.79, Amazon


Mrs. Hinch swears by these handy organizers for all of her changing essentials – she loves them so much she has two in her Essex home.

weaning bib

Weaning bib, £ 19.95, Amazon


Messy meals can be a thing of the past with a weaning bib, which attaches to high chairs and makes cleanup quick and easy.


Trolley cover, £ 14.99, Amazon


Keep your little one safe and entertained while you shop the week.

night light

Nightlight projector, £ 14.44, Amazon


This adorable bedside lamp transforms into a spotlight when you remove the dome, projecting a starry scene across the room.

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