Essential baby products for new parents


Mommy’s Bliss recommends these products for your baby’s colic, gas, teething, and constipation relief.

The first months of a baby’s life are confusing. New moms need to read the signs and symptoms without any kind of cheat sheet. Why is she crying? Is it fatigue? Hunger? Pain? If only your baby could speak! Because there is so much guesswork, it is imperative that parents be prepared for everything from colic to constipation. In addition to the obvious items — diaper cream, bottles, thermometer—Mommy’s Bliss has a collection of essentials which should always be at hand. The last thing you want to do when your baby is restless and crying is wrap her up and go to the pharmacy.

How to soothe your baby’s colic

“If your baby cries for three hours a day, at least three days a week, it may be colic,” says Smita Malhotra, MD, certified pediatrician and author of The Newborn Handbook. “One in five babies has colic, my two children have had it,” she adds. While most babies get past colic by 4 months, those 4 months can seem like 10 years. One way to relieve stomach discomfort in babies over two weeks is Mommy’s Bliss’s Gripe Water (there is a daytime and a nighttime version.) Organic Gripe Water Gel is a new safe gel for infants from two weeks old. USDA Certified Organic Gel is made with the same herbal remedy as the liquid, but comes in a smaller pea-sized serving. It is also softer and smoother than the original liquid, making it easier for babies to administer and consume.

How to relieve your baby’s gas discomfort

Another common reason for constant crying is ubiquitous gas. Because a baby’s digestive system is still developing, air can get trapped in the digestive tract. In addition, babies swallow air when they are feeding. The good news is that normal gas (mild discomfort as opposed to significant arch and twist) can be quickly soothed with Gas discharge drops. These are made with 100% vegan ingredients in a fast and safe simethicone remedy that gently breaks the gas bubbles in a newborn’s stomach. Made with ginger root, Mommy’s Bliss liquid formula works quickly and contains no sugar, alcohol or artificial ingredients.

How to soothe your baby’s sore gums from teething

“Some of the more common signs of teething are restlessness, increased saliva, and constantly putting their hands – or really anything – in their mouths,” says Dr. Malhotra. If you think your child is teething, you can massage their small gums or give them something cold to “chew on” to help ease the pain. Another great remedy is that of Mommy Bliss Baby gum massage gel, which uses USDA-certified organic chamomile and vanilla to soothe a baby’s tender gums. It is safe to give to babies 2 months of age and older and does not contain benzocaine or alcohol. Dr Malhotra also points out that fever is usually not a symptom of teething. “If your baby is fussy and has a fever, it could be a sign of illness or infection. It is best to check with your pediatrician.

How to relieve your baby’s constipation

“If your child has poo that comes out in hard balls or if your child is uncomfortable and struggling to poop, these are signs that your toddler may be constipated,” says Dr Malhotra . Constipation can be caused by switching from breast milk to formula, the mother’s diet in a nursing baby, or even an intolerance to milk proteins. Since the newborn’s digestive system is still developing, probiotics such as Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Drops can help by adding beneficial bacterial flora to the gut. For babies 6 months and older, Mommy’s Bliss offers Ease of constipation made with ingredients like prune juice to help shake things up again.

As a new parent, it is often so difficult to know if your baby is doing well, which is why it is important to have the right the best quality essentials at home. However, it’s also important to remember that you have good parenting instincts and are your child’s best advocate. So if something is wrong it probably isn’t and you should call your pediatrician.

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