Expert says baby’s clothes should never be washed with fabric softener


An expert has warned that there are certain fabrics you should never apply fabric softener to, including children’s and baby’s clothing.

He says it can drastically reduce the flame resistance of the clothes you wash, which could increase the risk of your clothes catching fire.

Laundry expert and Laundryheap CEO Deyan Dimitrov said: “Fabric softener can sometimes irritate your baby’s sensitive skin, but more importantly, it can dramatically reduce the flame resistance of baby’s clothes.

“The Flammable Fabrics Act of 1953 revealed that fabric softeners can reduce the flame resistance of textiles due to the build-up of chemicals present. This is because fabric softeners contain alcohol emulsifiers and ethoxylates, both flammable.

“Baby clothes are usually treated with flame retardant chemicals for safety reasons, this means that using fabric softener on flame retardant clothes can reduce their effectiveness. So if the clothes in question come in contact with levels. high heat or flame, clothing could be more likely to catch fire.

! For this reason, avoid using fabric softener on your baby’s and children’s clothing and sleepwear, or on fabrics such as velor, chenille, terrycloth, fleece, or any clothing labeled as fire retardant. If in doubt, check the garment label. “

If you are washing clothes that have been treated with flame retardant chemicals, but want to maintain their softness, you can follow these steps instead of using fabric softener:

  • First of all, it’s best to use a delicate or wool setting on the washing machine as the spin setting is less vigorous and it won’t completely dry out your clothes which means you won’t end up with materials that scratch!

  • Wash clothes at a cool temperature with a mild non-organic detergent. Non-organic works well in temperatures as low as 20 degrees, which is great for a cooler wash.

  • Dry your clothes naturally, avoid using a dryer, and you should have nice, soft clothes without the need for extra products.

You can tell if your clothes have been treated with flame retardant chemicals by checking the label, so try to do this before your first wash. To properly maintain flame retardant clothing:

  • Never wash your flame retardant clothes at high temperature, 50 degrees or more is too hot.

  • Avoid soaking clothes as this can cause flame retardant chemicals to break down.

  • Never use bleach on flame retardant clothing, as this will also break down the flame retardant chemicals.

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