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Woven iron changing table.

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Model Gigi Hadid is the interior design icon we never knew we needed. From his kitchen cabinets decorated with rainbow pasta and the bathroom wall covered with New Yorker covers, its style deviates from the norm in a refreshing and colorful way.

If you haven’t seen her daughter Khai’s nursery yet, you can take a look here. The warm orange bedroom has a number of rattan furniture and decor in soft colors (including woven dove murals!) To create a safe and comfortable space for her little girl. On Thursday, Hadid shared photos of her favorite devices and products at Khai’s nursery (buy them below!), As well as a snap of her chic changing table.

This one of a kind table is from the brand based in Australia Sacred pack and is currently available for pre-order. Known as the Woven iron changing table, it is made of iron to provide a sturdy platform on which to place a baby. However, its frame has been finely wrapped in rattan to give it an organic and relaxed feel. Natural fiber pom poms attached to the top make this a truly stylish nursery staple.

rattan changing table

Gigi Hadid / Instagram Stories

Unlike traditional changing tables which contain bulky drawers, this version features an elegant three-tier structure. As baby is lying on top, there are two large trays underneath for storage. In addition, the unique vertical orientation of the table allows parents to change babies facing the front.

It is certainly a great option for parents who are short on space. Plus, once baby grows up, it’s a great storage option – in the nursery or elsewhere in the house. Buyers can purchase the Iron Weave changing table with either a tin base or a black iron base.

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