Where to buy cheap baby clothes in 2021, because you only need it temporarily


There is nothing cuter than adorable little baby clothes. That being said, unless it’s cheap and affordable baby clothes, it doesn’t matter how cute they are because your little one will be in the top size in no time. As tempting as it may be to buy every baby outfit you come across, it’s not exactly the smartest investment. Cheap baby clothes are the way to go.

Stocking up on baby clothes is tricky because you know the clothes are only made for about three months, but you can’t get by with just a few pieces or you’ll be doing the laundry more often than you do. already are. Not to mention that between diaper rashes, regurgitation and finger food, no item of clothing is completely safe from being destroyed by the baby wearing it. Basically, it is extremely difficult to determine the right amount of clothes for your baby at any given time, but anyway, the less money you spend on these cheap baby clothes in the short term, the better. .

But where does a caregiver find cheap baby clothes? Depending on what you’re looking for, there are probably a lot more options than you might think. Here are a few of them.

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H&M for clothing with character

Despite the small size of the clothes, if they are of any character, you can expect to pay more for them. There isn’t much you can do to get around this problem, but H&M has a bunch of cute baby-sized character clothes at a reasonable price. In their character shop, you will find clothes featuring Mickey and Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, Peanuts characters, Disney characters, and more.


Target reverse zip pajamas

You can find all kinds of cute and inexpensive baby clothes at Target, but the best thing you can get is the Cloud Island Footed Pajamas with reverse zippers. They’re lightweight and breathable, make changing diapers easy, and come in packs of three (so they cost less than $ 5 each). My two daughters pretty much lived in these pajamas when they were babies, and I’m always amazed at how well they held up for my youngest daughter.


Cute Walmart Multi-Packs

You can find great, affordable baby clothes at Walmart, but the best deals come from multi-packs like this. Between pajama packs, basic onesies, rompers and outfit sets, you can easily stock your baby with clothes for three months for under $ 100.


Amazon for a wide selection

If you shop for just about anything, you will find some of the best prices on Amazon. With just one order, you can get affordable shoes, socks, pants, tops, pajamas, sleeping bags, bloomers and more. more you can also find hundreds of branded items if you want some crazy pieces. Just be sure to pay close attention to the size charts as they can vary greatly from website to website.


Carter’s Complete Outfit Sets

When you’re sleep deprived, it’s hard to put together an outfit to match, but you can skip the guesswork without breaking the bank by shopping for outfits at Carter’s. They wear all kinds of cute clothes and you can often mix and match the pieces to create extra outfits. Not to mention, there’s almost always an in-store sale, so you’re sure to find something affordable at all times.


Old Navy for cheap baby dresses

Sometimes you want to dress your baby up a bit without getting too formal. Old Navy baby dresses are perfect for this. Whatever the time of year, you can find long sleeve, short sleeve, and / or sleeveless cotton dresses for a bargain in their baby section. Sadly, they don’t come with bloomers at this price point, but there’s a good chance you already have a whole drawer full of bloomers anyway.


Baby sportswear at Kohl’s

Branded sportswear is expensive, but you can find great deals on Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor baby clothing at Kohl’s. Whether you want cozy pajamas like this or want to dress your baby up in an adorable little tracksuit, Kohl’s has an option, and there is quite possibly a coupon (or two) available to help you even more because the store is still doing sales and promotions.


Gap Factory for Discounted Styles

babyGap has some of the cutest clothes on the market, but they often cost a bit on the expensive side. You’re not totally out of luck though, as Gap Factory has all kinds of equally adorable baby clothes that are usually much cheaper (there are always promotions and sales available). You can find everything from cute loungewear like these pants and high quality sweaters to adorable baby pajamas.


BusyLittleBody for custom combinations

Whether you want a jumpsuit for an announcement, a baby gift, or for yourself, you can’t go wrong with the BusyLittleBody store on Etsy. Lauren, the shop owner, has adorable options for various vacations, homecoming outfits, and fun designs (like “milkman”). Her prices are very reasonable for custom clothing, and by buying here you have the added benefit of being able to communicate directly with her to make sure your onesie design is perfect.


Affordable Handmade Tutus by CustomizedInColor

Whether you want a tutu for a photoshoot, a party, or just for fun, you can’t go wrong with a handmade option from Latrice at CustomizedInColor. She has size options for babies up to 18 months and offers tutu skirts in a wide variety of colors. Additionally, if you want something specific, Latrice also accepts custom orders. Choosing to buy here instead of a big box store will give you a handmade skirt that is exactly to your liking (at a great price).


Buy Buy Baby Clothes For Baby Organic

Organic cotton baby clothes are always so soft, but they are also often expensive. Buy Buy Baby, however, has a number of brands that offer organic options, including Burt’s Bees, Lamaze, Gerber Organic, Little Me, Honest, and Carter’s. Depending on the brand, you might want to check out the sale section or use a coupon to make the clothes more affordable, but there are still plenty of inexpensive organic clothes at regular prices to choose from.


Nordstrom Rack for renowned brands

Whether you are looking for shoes, pajamas, dress clothes, loungewear, outfits or outerwear, you can probably find them in a designer style at Nordstrom Rack. They carry pretty much everything, and everything is reduced from the original price. The only problem is that the stock is constantly changing and sizes can be limited, but it’s definitely worth checking out.


Consignment Shopping at ThredUP

Buying from ThredUP you will get quality baby clothes at a great price and participate in the recycling of clothing to reduce waste. You will find tons of baby clothes from different brands on the website (including some high end clothes) and you can be sure that whatever you order will arrive like new. The only downside to shopping here is that you’ll probably need some time to browse through their huge stock of items, and not all styles come in all sizes. Even so, it’s a great way to save money on baby clothes (and a great place to sell any lightly used clothes your baby has grown up to).

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